Valentin Duduk (

↳Another poster made together with Tania Chaikovskaya for "Proginė", organized by Sholto Dobie.
Vilnius, Lithuania, November 2023.

↳Design for the "KUNO Biennial 2023: Shared imaginations" in Vilnius, Lithuania, October 2023.
Curators: Marija Martinaitytė, Vytautas Vaščiūnas, Vincentas Zienka.

↳Teaser of the big design contribution to the exhibition "If Disrupted, It Becomes Tangible" in the National Gallery of Art in Vilnius, Lithuania, 2023.
Curators: Aleksei Borisionok and Antonian Stebur.

↳Poster made together with Tania Chaikovskaya for the event series "Proginė" organized by Sholto Dobie
Vilnius, Lithuania, March 2023.

↳Night and daytime service curated by 4444friends (Tatiana Chaikovskaya, Valentin Duduk, Anna Karanevskaya, and Ilya Malafei). Including performance by Titilayo Adebayo, and sound performances by Sholto Dobie and viixii. Organized by Nida Art Colony, Nida, Lithuania, 2022.

↳Design contribution with Anya Karanevskaya to the artwork "to who it may concern" by Tatsiana Licheuskaya. Produced by Birgit Götz. Düsseldorf, Germany, 2022.

↳Poster for Conspiratorial Memory workshop in Amsterdam. Organized by the team of the ERC-funded research project Conspiratorial Memory: Cultures of Suspicion in Post-Socialist Europe (2021-2026), 2022.

↳Extracurricular activities in Nida Art Colony in December, 2021.

↳New webpage design for Status Research Platform, 2021.

↳Printouts for a collective performance antechamber in Ledreborg Slot, Lejre, Denmark. Organized by Max Shamash & Sholto Dobie. Photo: Sholto Dobie, 2021.

↳Contribution to a group exhibition with artists from Belarus A SECRET MUSEUM OF THE WORKERS MOVEMENT in artist-run space hoast, Vienna. Curated by Aleksei Borisionok. Photo: Wolfgang Obermair, 2021.

↳Keychain "Anik" for Created together with Anna Karanevskaya during Rupert’s alternative education programme, 2020.

↳Cover for the event hosted by AMSAR Collective and Luna6.



↳Poster for the theater performance PAN OPTICUM. Directors: Greta Štiormer and Austė Urbanavičiūtė.

↳Poster for the 27th ARCHITECTURE [discussion] FUND series. Curators: Tautvydas Urbelis, Miglė Babickaitė and Noah Brehmer. In collaboration with Anya Karanevskaya.

↳Printout for the group show BRUNCH ON CREDIT. In collaboration with Tanya Chaikovskaya.

↳Publication COMFORT PLUS, DEEPER CLEAN. Located in CAC Reading Room in Vilnius, Lithuania.

↳Excerpt/poster from the publication COMFORT PLUS, DEEPER CLEAN.

↳Layout of the official letter composed by the Ministry of Culture. For the article THE TRIAL. MINISTRY OF CULTURE AGAINST ART WORKERS published on Status Research Platform.

↳Poster for an annual DIY summer festival Молодежная Столица in Belarus, Baranovichi.

↳Menu for an annual DIY summer festival Молодежная Столица in Belarus, Baranovichi.

↳Picture for on-demand printing solutions PRINT KAMP.

↳Picture for Dj ПЕРСИЛ first time ever gig in Minsk, Belarus.

↳Excerpts from the lecture/performance WELL DID YOU EVER THINK IT’D BE OK FOR ME TO STEP INTO THIS WORLD. In collaboration with Vera Kavaleuskaya in Kaunas, Lithuania.

↳Picture for the reading group and curated book shelf ЛОВЕ -> BOOKSHELF. Based in EHU Library in Vilnius, Lithuania.

↳Sign for the artist-run garden SEMI PLENA BOUQUET + &. Curators: Tanya Chaikovskaya, Valentin Duduk, Ilya Malafei.
© All rights reserved,
Valentin Duduk, 2023.

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